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    How to discard and retain Custom Properties during a full SolarWinds migration and product upgrade


      We are migrating a suite of SolarWinds products and the database to new servers. After the migration, we also plan to upgrade our older versions of the SolarWinds products to the most recent versions.  My question is regarding the "custom properties" we have created with our current SolarWinds products. Basically, we want to retain some of these and we also want to remove some.  Where in this migration process is the best place to account for removing the database fields we DON'T want to retain? Likewise, do we have to do anything special about retaining the custom properties that we want to retain?


      Lastly, I see there are 3 tables in the database that hold custom properties information: CustomProperty, CustomPropertyUsage, and CustomPropertyValues.  Can I just remove values from these table when I do the restore of the database on my new server?

      Thank you in advance.