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    Group member with customs vaules report



      it's my first post here and I'm looking for help .


      I tring to create a report which display information for each group in common order:


      -IP Address



      -Machin Type

      -SNMP version


      I have tried with Report Writer and Group and Group Members Report to edit this one but there is no option to do it.


      Any suggestions how to make this report?


      OK, I got solution: SWQL script for Report
      SELECT n.Caption AS Hostname, n.IPAddress, n.Vendor , n.MachineType, n.SNMPVersion AS SNMP, g.Name AS Grupa FROM Orion.Nodes n join Orion.ContainerMembers c on c.MemberPrimaryID = n.NodeID and c.MemberEntityType = 'Orion.Nodes'  join Orion.Groups g on c.ContainerID = g.ContainerID ORDER BY HOSTNAME ASC