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    Disaster recovery using Vmware SRM

    Al Ma

      Hello to all the Smart, Intelligent and Knowledge-sharing Thwackers,


      I have been researching and reading and reviewing the forum as well as other material to find an alternative to the Hot-Standby engine for DR implementation. The poll and all comments on the relevant thread indicates that not many people have used it. While HA is a no brainer with local heartbeat, the sole purpose of DR is to get around local limitation and cater to extend the solution to a different site across WAN. This is where is becomes tricky - more chances or split brain, difficult to implement and even more difficult to upgrade/maintain it.


      VMware is one of the best things happened to "ITAdminKind" and SRM takes it up a notch further.


      My question is - "Has anyone used VMware SRM to implement DR (Active/Standby mode)?"


      If NO (after attempting it), why?


      If YES:

      Did you use VMR or SRA?

      Did you protect both application as well as DB servers?

      What are the valid points for IP change and other configuration after failover to the DR site? Used a script? Move VLAN over to the WAN site? DNS? any cool trick to make it seemless and have a high RTO and RPO?

      Did you use any of DB technologies instead of SRM? like DB mirroring or log shipping?


      I am sure answer to this will help many people who are happy to use hot-standby for HA but need a robust solution for DR in a VM based environment.


      Thanks in advance.