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    Orion SQL Database Very Large


      Wanted to get some thoughts/suggestions here as I have a case open with Support, but don't seem to be getting anywhere.


      Our Orion database is about 277GB and we've only been using SolarWinds for about 3 months now. We've adjusted retention thresholds throughout (NPM, SAM, and etc), run maintenance jobs within SQL, run the SolarWinds Database Maintenance, but the database is still continuing to grow. These 2 tables are the largest culprits:





      Both of these tables are close to 90GB. SolarWinds Support pointed to the SAM retention thresholds, but after adjusting them down to keep only 5 days worth of data and running the maintenance/shrinking, we still haven't gained back any space. We are soon going to be out of disk space on this physical SQL server and I'm hoping to avoid that if possible.


      Your help is greatly appreciated!