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    Windows SolarWinds Agent problems


      We are testing out using the windows agent and have noticed some problems.  Has anyone else noticed these problems as well.


      The following is information is not a selection option when you click on List Resources when the SolarWinds Windows agent is used for monitoring.

      These are available via SNMP when we poll the same device via SNMP instead based on our testing.


      1. Status & Response Time - I would still would like to be able to select if I want to icmp ping the box from our poller or some other method.
      2. Routing Statistics - This data is needed if we are going to monitor peer connections
      3. Topology Layer 2/ Layer 3 - This allows us to build out topology information


      There are advantages for using the Agent that I would like to take advantage of, however, I do not want to loose the ability to collect routing, and topology data.


      Also, we have noticed that when using the Agent, the Hardware Monitoring is not displaying any information at all and it works using SNMP for the same device.  We will be opening a ticket for this.


      Responses are appreciated as always.