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    Hiding asset types from clients


      I'm sorry if this has been asked/answered already but I'm running into an annoyance with client tickets.

      When clients create a ticket we want the option for them to select the assets they're having trouble with - be it their laptop, or a scanner, or the printer.  We've organized the assets into rooms and turned on the 'include room devices in client list' so that they can see everything in a room when they go to create a ticket.  That worked, but the problem we're running into now is that the client is seeing a whole bunch of different assets in the list.  We've been entering software (like Windows, Office, department-specific programs, etc) as child assets for the computers (so techs can tell what they'll be working with), and now that's all showing to the clients.


      I've looked for options to hide the assets from the clients (like hiding the 'software' asset type or hiding child assets) but been unable to find it, and I can't remove the child asset's room number without taking out the parent asset's room number too (which I'd rather not do).  Am I missing something obvious, or is there another way to keep clients from seeing certain types of assets while still letting them see others?  Or if anybody has another suggestion for working things so clients can select a printer/neighbor's computer in their room when creating tickets?


      Thanks in advance!