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    How does SNMP scanning of subnets actually work?


      I have recently setup IPAM by scanning a number of layer 3 devices in our network and discovering all subnets. These have now been assigned into site level folders and everything is starting to look in order. I however have a number of questions which i hope someone can help me with because this really isnt clear in any of the documentation i have read


      1. Can IPAM be setup to automatically poll one or more layer 3 devices for their routing table/subnet info and import some of this data or does this have to be run manually?

      2. Once we have run a scan of the network and imported discovered subnets into the database i would like to understand the effect of enabling SNMP scanning on those subnets. Specifically, how does the system determine what device(s) to poll via SNMP to obtain info about a subnet or subnets? Does it just poll the default gateway? or all devices under management in NPM with SNMP credentials?

      3. I would like to track when a subnet is last discovered. There is a feild named "Last Discovery" but this appears to indicate when the scan job last ran rather than indicating when the subnet was last detected as being present in routing tables. Is this possible?


      Many Thanks