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    Tacking Total Pages Printed on a daily basis.


      I want to write a report in SAM that tracks total pages printed by my print server daily.  I know that the statistic is monitored but it aggregates the total I'm assuming until the spooler is restarted.  I just started working on it today so I'm not sure if the stats will reset.  I want a simple bar chart and accompanying table to show roughly by the hour or half hour how many pages were printed.  It would essentially display like an average response time chart.  Since the total in the db just seems to increase, I'm wondering how I can easily write this report to see the data I want.  I'm currently testing on one print server, but will add another in to this project eventually.  I will ultimately want the report to show both server stats individually, then an aggregate of both servers as well.


      Any help or ideas would be appreciated.