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    LEM Reports 6.2 Error


      Sorry if this has been answered before, but i cannot find a post anywhere.

      Ive just installed LEM 6.2 successfully and can run everything via the Web interface, BUT

      Whenever i try to open any reports within the "Reports" App, i get the following error


      "......." is not a valid date and time


      I have SSH'd onto the virtual appliance, reset the date / time, timezones etc.

      Uninstalled and re-installed the reporting software.

      ran the unrestrictreports command and confirmed connectivity on port 9001


      This is all running in evaluation mode so not sure if that has an impact.


      Any help would be most appreciated.




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          nicole pauls

          It's more likely a problem with your desktop system than with the appliance (the good news?) - what language setting do you have? Have you changed your date formatting on your system to something different than your language settings normally have?

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            I do not know if this helps anybody after all this time, but I have had the same
            problem/error with my SW LEM Reports Console, ver 6.6.0. You have to have the
            same format for date on the LEM appliance and on your desktop from where you
            try to run the Reports. For me, the appliance have MM-Day configuration and my
            desktop Day-MM. As soon as I changed it on my desktop, that error disappeared. Unfortunately,
            now, I have another error, “Logon error”.