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    FAQ Process/ Work Flow Creation


      My mini-project is to enhance our Tech use and Client use where a knowledge base is to be built ultimately within the FAQ. Currently I'm researching on whether the availability exists or can be created to put in place a work flow/ process to which FAQ are created. For example an end user needs access to a piece of new software that they can acquire themselves from Software Center.

      A process has been defined to get that access/ software but is not within the FAQ yet...the FAQ would bneed to be created, reviewed, approved by an admin, and then active within the FAQ area.


      Has anyone done this or have this in place?


      -Alex Vieira


      Here is a diagram to better illustrate. We are currently only focusing on FAQ draft.


      FAQ Knoweldge Article Creation Work Flow Process.jpg

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          Disregard; I mis-understood the question.

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            I really like this. We are just in the process of looking at a way to make better use of the FAQ function in WHD. This will be a great help in that. Thanks for sharing.

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              Currently, in WHD, FAQs can be created by a Tech either directly in the FAQs tab or from a Note that the Tech is entering into the ticket.   In either case, when saved, I believe the FAQ will be in a non-approved state.   An admin would need to - at some point - go into the Tech side, go to the FAQs tab and do a search for "non approved" FAQs.   They can then review/edit them and then check the box in the FAQ for "Approved". 


              I don't believe there is any current functionality to auto-notify or do back and forth in-progress dialog between the tech and admin users...it's just   FAQ is Created   -  FAQ is reviewed and approved (or not).