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    What are the MSP files there for? (Adobe Systems, Inc. Packages)


      I am new to SolarWinds Patch Manager, but have been managing workstations using SCCM, WSUS, and other products like Dell KACE for years.  I am familiar with the various ways to push out Adobe Reader updates (or I thought I was).


      I am a little confused as to why SolarWinds is making the .MSP updates for Adobe Reader XI products (and Adobe Reader DC) available individually and was wondering whether I was missing something...


      In my experience, the MSP files are used for "slipstreaming" (term used loosely) the new quarterly or security updates into your base package for whatever product you're using.  So, for example, with the Adobe 11.0.13 MSP file, I can use:


      msiexec /a AcroRead.msi /p <nameofmspfile.msp>


      Then, once my AIP is patched with the new MSP, I just upload it to wherever and deploy.


      I have never seen a way to install a MSP file directly onto an already installed Adobe Reader system.  When I tried to just deploy the MSP, it says "Not applicable" as I've seen multiple people in the forums reference.


      So, if we can't use them for anything, why are they even there?


      Please let me know what I'm missing...

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          They work fine here for upgrading existing deployments of Acrobat and Reader. I believe SolarWinds just imports the catalog from Adobe. All I do here is Publish the Adobe updates I need and then approve them to the groups here that need them. They've always installed here without any issues. Here are my stats right now for the Adobe Reader 11.0.13 Update that I deployed last week.The Adobe packages are different than other 3rd party packages that SolarWinds provides as they don't really show the commands that are executed to apply the patch and they only have 4 of the 6 or 7 tabs that normally show up in the other packages. There are no tabs for Applicability Rules, Installed Rules or Package Boot XML for Acrobat and Reader.