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    Question on a Query


      If this is posted in the wrong area, I apologize.    I want to make a query that will show the number of tickets opened per month.  Not sure if we are able to do this or I am not seeing it.  I have tickets opened by day of the week already.  Can someone point me in the proper direction


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          Hrm...  there's probably an easier way to do it, but I think you would want to make a new report for this - ticket report for the report type, then for the report details set time range to specific, then enter the month in question (like September 1st to September 30th).  You could sort it by departments or clients, but I think as long as you don't put anything in the filter it should show you all the tickets created... there's a 'cancelled' status in the filters, so I think even the cancelled ones would show in the report as long as that's not selected.


          You'd have to manually change the time stamp for each month you want to run a report on, but I think that would show what you're looking for?

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              Is there a way to make it a widget??


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                  If you want a widget for the Tech's dashboard then you are somewhat limited to what fields you can add to the query.  You can go to the Tickets -> Search Tickets -> Advanced Search and define a query with the Date field and a condition like Opened - This Month  or    Closed - This month  or    Date Opened - Last 30 days, etc...  You could add other conditions to limit that down to a particular Tech Group/Department/Location, etc...


                  If you want a scheduled report, try this:

                  1. Open a new Ticket Report
                  2. Choose "Table only" at the top of the report definition.
                  3. For Row Category and Column Category, choose whatever two fields you want to cross-reference.   I have Assigned Tech and Priority.
                  4. For the Repetition Category, choose "Month Opened"
                  5. For Table Data, choose "Tickets"
                  6. For the Time Range, specify From 12 months ago and leave the "round back..." option selected.
                  7. For Date Attribute for Time Range, choose Date Opened.
                  8. Make sure that there aren't any filters that are too limiting on the Report Filters tab.  You can edit the filters there if you want.   For example, if there is a filter to only show closed/canceled/resolved tickets, you could modify it to show other status types as well.


                  You'll get something like this.

                  2015-10-30 16_47_15-Web Help Desk - Reports.png

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                    Mmmm that would be a little different...  like Kellytice said, you would want to do a ticket search and save that as a query - I would guess you would want to use "Date" "Opened" "This Month" as the search criteria... that should show all the tickets that were opened this calendar month, and it would update automatically (so you wouldn't have to do it again or change anything come December 1st).  I'm not sure if that will catch tickets that are reopened though (like if it was actually created in October but then reopened in November, it might show up in the search too?).


                    But if you save that query then you can add it as a widget.