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    Help deploying .msu file


      Hello all -


      I am hoping someone can help me fill in some blanks - I am trying to install some msu files to some remote endpoints.  I have read through multiple threads - a lot of them pointing towards creating a SFX using WinRAR. 


      The patch that I am trying to install is Windows6.1-KB3008627-x86.msu


      I have WinRAR installed on my machine, I created an SFX file - that has the following commands:


      ;The comment below contains SFX script commands



      Setup=c:\windows\system32\wusa.exe c:\windows\temp\Windows6.1-KB3008627-x86.msu /quiet /norestart




      In my package, I have pre-req rules set up to be - Processor Architecure = x86


      I have applicability rules set up to be x86 processor and at least windows 7.


      I am attaching a screenshot of the custom package settings.CustomPackage.PNG


      It seems like the package arrives at the machine, but never actually installs.  Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated


      Thanks ,



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          Why are you building a special package? That's a standard Windows patch that is already in the WSUS database. All you need to do is Approve it for distribution to the group of machines that need it and it should install when Windows Update is scheduled to install patches on those machines.I can see them in my Patch Manager WSUS database and have approved them for deployment. There was no need for me to build a special package to deploy it.



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              Thanks for this response...  I would love to do it via WSUS... However -


              I am trying to install this on a Windows Embedded POSReady 7 operating system - and for some reason, this particular patch does not think it applies to this OS for some reason.  However, I have this patch deployed (via group policy startup script) on 645 out of the 660 machines that I am trying to deploy it to - and it resolves the issue that I am trying to get resolved.  I deployed to these 645 machines prior to purchasing Patch Manager, these other machines fell through the cracks with our imaging process, and I need to get it deployed.  This is why I am trying to create a custom package to run the wusa command (exactly what my startup script did).