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    Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) Not Respecting Limitations


      I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere, and/or if this was a bug on the single SRM isntance I was working with, but it appears that View/Account Limitations are not respected in SRM resources.  Also, none of the SRM resources I looked at had any kind of filtering available to them.  Is this by design?  If so are there plans to add this capability in? 


      For example, I was trying to create a NOC view for a client that would cycle through tabs containing different performance metrics on all of the devices for an important application.  On one tab I had a summary, another had server health (Availability, CPU, Memory, Response Time, etc...), another had Application Monitor stats, another had the SQL database stats, and another had the storage stats.  The whole view was limited to a group that contained several dynamic queries.  One of those dynamic queries in that Group was for any NAS Volumes where the NAS Volume custom property called "Storage_AppGroup" was equal to "Business Intelligence".  I labelled a bunch of NAS Volumes in the Custom Property Editor with that property and they show up in the Group and in the AppStack just fine, but when I put a bunch of SRM Storage Resources on the Storage Sub-view I created, they ended up displaying every Storage Array/Pool/LUN/Volume in their environment.  So I decided to just individually filter each resource and discovered that none of the SRM Storage resources have the ability to be filtered with a SWQL query or anything. 


      This was highly frustrating, especially since I (and the client) really liked the way a lot of the SRM resources look and function.  Luckily there are a lot of metrics in the Custom Table section related to SRM data, but surely this isn't the only solution that SolarWinds has for such an important and highly touted new product, is it?