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    Migrating network devices into another Orion instance w/o NCM


      We are in the process of standing up another SolarWinds Instance that will be used to migrate approx 1400 managed nodes from a legacy environment with NPM 11.5.2 and NCM 7.3.2 into n NPM 11.5.2 without NCM.

      Approx. 90 network devices are migration candidates that are currently being backed up from NCM in the old environment.

      In order to maintain NCM management of these network devices, I imagine we will have to support them being in both Orion inventories.

      I would like to minimize the polling load for these devices in the legacy environment, so can we get away with setting their NPM node definitions to ICMP only, migrating any custom network device pollers to the new system and let NCM still hit them from the old environment with its login and SNMP?