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    Orion Hardware Heath occasionally reporting 'Other' senors as Unknown


      Lately, Orion has started to report some switches as having 'Other' hardware with a status of Unknown.

      For example, I will have a switch that has Hardware health monitored. Under hardware heath there are sensor groups. In 'Fan', I have a 'Fan Sensor' reporting as Good. In 'Power Supply' I have 4 Power Supply Sensors and 2 External Power Supply Sensors reporting as Good. In 'Temperature', I have an 'Over-temperature Sensor' reporting as good.

      For some reason, Orion will suddenly decide that there is also an 'Other' grouping, with duplicates of all the existing sensors, all with a status of Unknown. I have tried to SNMP walk the MIBs to see if the switch is really reporting that, but it seems like Orion only ever gets one poll with this info, because next poll, it clears.

      This is happening with several switches so I don't believe it is a single bad switch.

      Has any seen this issue? I can provide more information if needed.