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    SWIS API v3 seems to poll wrong data.


      Hey everyone,


      I'm working on a dashin.io widget and want to display information about node CPU usage. I am running into a weird problem where the API seems to grab PercentMemoryUsed or AvgResponseTime instead of CPULoad. Take a look at this set of nodes in my database:



      And in SWQL studio (using v3 over https)...


      You can see that CPULoadThreshold.CurrentValue matches up with PercentMemoryUsed on nodes 8,176,190,194,259,273, AvgResponseTime on nodes 27,52, and is correct for nodes 196 and 232.


      If I connect SWQL studio with v2 over https instead of v3, I get the following results using the exact same query:


      So, only the two nodes with correct information are shown. This data also lines up with what is shown in the web console.


      Anyone have any idea how to fix this?