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    Alert Central and SRM for Orion


      Anyone else using Alert Central and SRM for Orion? It seems that some alerts simply will not go to Alert Central while others work fine.


      I have been testing all afternoon since finding that a Failed disk in a NetApp unit alerted but our NOC didn't see it because it didn't show up in Alert Central. I am attaching screenshots of the settings for the alerts and the trigger condition for the one that fails to get to Alert Central.


      Both alert in Orion successfully and trigger actions work on both but the failed alert won't show up in Alert Central where the successful one will. I have tried removing all the variables and putting a static subject in and the filed one still fails. Adding variable to the successful one works fine too. I tried recreating the failed alert from scratch and the recreated one will not go to Alert central either.


      I am running out of ideas as to why this specific alert will not go to Alert Central.

      Any thoughts about what else to try on it?