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    Alert Central dead?


      So, I'm looking for a product to centralize alerts and Alert Central seems like it would be perfect for the job (it even has both words in the name!).  My company is even willing to pay for a product that can do the job so, the fact that it's free is a bonus.  The only problem is that is looks like is hasn't been updated in some time.  Despite this it seems like it would still fulfil our needs but, I'm reluctant to roll out a new product that isn't being work on anymore.


      So the question part.  Is Solarwinds Alert Central dead?  Is there engineers who work at Solarwinds dedicated to working on it? Is it a 20% project à la Google?


      I doubt these questions will get answered since Solarwinds seems to be pretty mum about it but, it's worth a shot.

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          I'm not sure if it's completely dead but, even if it isn't, you need to be aware that SW doesn't offer enterprise support on the product.  So if you integrate this into your business process and later have an issue, you could be waiting a while for the fix. To me that's not an acceptable risk but it really depends on the business.


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            Lol join the party: The End of Alert Central Updates? and Do you still use / actively advertise Alert Central? But yea, like professionalusername said They don't supply support (trust me, I asked for tech support ) I had it running in a test environment for a little while and it was working, but when I went to move it to start trying to implement it in production, i was unable to get it working. With no tech support and no answers for my problems on Thwack i've pretty much abandoned ship on Alert Central. It was kinda nice when it was working, but its been a pain trying to fix.

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                vjerez4129 That's what I fear happening in my situation and I don't have much time to spare rolling out a product with no official or unofficial support.

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                    The good news is that the product "just works" for the most part and is pretty flexible.


                    What I don't like about it is the "stateless" nature of it.


                    For example, I use it to centralize Nagios alerts. It would be great if I could set up a rule to close or acknowledge an open alert if a recovery message is received, but that is not possible.


                    You have to configure all of your alert sources to "fire and forget".


                    The fact that it is a non-updated Linux computer on your network is a little disturbing, but luckily, "rooting" it by changing the root password is not too hard (boot into single user mode) and then you can set up some local iptables rules. You can even add other repos like epel and update via yum... but I wouldn't recommend that... I borked my system bad enough that I had to restore it from backup.