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    Hyperlinks in groups lists?


      Just wanted to see what I might be doing wrong in terms of using groups in Solarwinds & having the ability to (whenever issues flag up) to be able to drill into specific devices from the groups page.


      I've noticed that within some groups, when I expand a list from the left "All Groups" that either none, some or all of the devices (group members) listed are 'clickable' ?


      Initially I thought it was due, perhaps, to the dynamic queries I was using, but I have a group that looks at 'Unmanaged Devices' & some of these present a link to the device in question (& some don't)


      Typically, my dynamic queries key off the device name (as our environment lends itself to that with the split of customers) but I also have other queries based on state & vendor type etc...


      I can provide screenshots if needed or elaborate if I've not explained clearly, but it seems odd to me that this functionality isn't consistent here?




      I've tried this within Chrome & FF (both current) & the behaviour remains