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    Report that shows flows that no longer exist.  Need help using NOT EXISTS

    johnny ringo


      I am trying to create a report that shows me flows that have stopped from yesterday.  I have some netflow sources configured that show streams from my security cameras.  I would like a report (and eventually an alert, but that is another thwack post) that will tell me when these flows no longer exist.  I think my where statement is correct but I keep getting the error "no viable input at EXISTS in where clause".  Can anyone look this over and point me in the right direction?  Thanks



      SELECT Top 10 F.NodeID, NC.City, A.Name, F.SourceIP, SUM(F.TotalBytes) AS TotalBytes


      From Orion.NetFlow.Flows AS F


      LEFT JOIN Orion.Nodes N ON F.NodeID = N.NodeID


      LEFT Join Orion.NodesCustomProperties NC ON N.NodeID = NC.NodeID


      LEFT JOIN Orion.NetFlow.Applications A on A.ApplicationID = F.ApplicationID




      (Select FL.SourceIP FROM Orion.NetFlow.Flows FL WHERE FL.TimeStamp BETWEEN (F.TimeStamp>=(GetUTCDate()-0.04167)) AND (FL.TimeStamp>=(GetUTCDate())))


      ORDER BY TotalBytes DESC