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    NPM Data Loss


      Hi, May i know if changing the option from 30 to 7 for "Detailed Statistics Retention" will incur a lost of data?

      After i configured the option and also pressing "Database Maintenance" from Orion Core Poller, any data before 7 days ago are missing.

      Per Interface

      - min/max/average bps

      - min/max/average packets

      - in/out errors and discards

      - total bytes transferred


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          You shouldn't lose any data by changing the detailed statistics to a lower number. That number just sits in a table and then gets used a value inside of the stored procedures that aggregate the data.  What I'm guessing is that the data is still in the db but not being queried for some reason. Query your database for "Select distinct datetime from interfaceerrors" and see if the earlier dates still exist.


          Matthew Hawks

          Loop1 Systems

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            Changing the number of days does not affect the data until the Database Maintenance has been ran.


            More than likely the chart that you are using has Sample Selection set to lower than 1 hour. This will cause the lines to not form and you may see a few single data points, because the data is aggregated from every 10 minutes to a single data point for Min, Max, and Average per hour. Changing the Sample to 1 hour if you are looking at the last 90 days. After 90 days the Sample Interval needs to change to once a day to still form the lines correctly.