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    Polling CPU - Memory Info


      Good morning,


      I recently added a few Alcatel devices to our Solarwinds NPM and I am  having a hard time figuring out why I am not able to pull any data pertaining to CPU and memory.  It is polling via SNMP and i am able to monitor interface data.  Devices in question are Alcatel 7750 SR 7, Alcatel 7750 SAR-8, and Alcatel-Lucent SAR 7705.  I added a few attachments for you to better understand my situation. 

      In list resources section, I am able to select CPU and memory to be monitored, however in CPU - Memory - Latency tab, no CPU or memory information is displayed.  Also when I run a report to see if the info was gathered on the server but not displayed, I get nothing.


      Can you help point me in the right direction to have these features monitored.  I have this problem only with Alcatel devices, Cisco devices work fine. 

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          pres1dentnix0n - to do some troubleshooting, since I don't know the alcatel's that well, can you edit that specific poller, then on the first tab of "define properties" select the test node of one of the alcatels you would expect to get results from then hit next.  On the next page you should see the defined pollers and the data source and their current value.  Id suggested clicking on the data source, and looking at what OIDs are being polled and any transformations being down and make sure you are seeing "current results".  Otherwise try walking those specific OIDs on the box outside of solar winds, and see if you get a response.  Hopefully this helps a little.