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    how many days implementation will take..


      Hello everybody.

      I don't know if its the right place to ask this but i just need an estimated answer, i am building a technical proposal for a project and I need to know how many days the implementation will take, because  I don't have previous experience in SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor and SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor, these are the modules the customer want to purchase :


      Storage Resource Monitor SRM1500

      SAM (Unlimited)

      Web Performance Monitor WPM50

      Visualization Manager VM192



      I know it depends on many factors but just need to know an estimated period.


      Thanks in advance


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          You can do it in a week but it will be worthless.


          Or, do it in a year and it will be awesome.


          The installation will probably take a day or two, more if you have to build and deploy the servers, plus you have factor in Change Management.


          Have you got all your pre-requisites, accounts, protocols etc?


          The initial work is the easiest part, its the config that follows which gives the product its edge.

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            smiffy85 isn't wrong with his timeframes, especially with SAM showing as unlimited. I would give yourself a week to install all the modules you have indicated, patch them, and do basic rollout. However, alerting, reporting, proper in depth module deployment and configuration can take many months. It would help if we knew how many machines you were rolling this all out to, how many engineers will be doing the install, and how familiar those engineers are with the SW suite of products.

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              yes you are right thank you , i just wanted an estimated number of days thanks guys