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    Group Scheduled Updates - Approve updates without assigning to groups


      Hello, I've setup scheduled tasks exactly as specified in the below post for updating separate groups of machines,                  Wednesday: Test Group 10am  Friday:  All workstations10am    Friday:   All servers 5am.


      Schedule Groups for Updates using Update Management Wizard


      I've chosen the option to "Download and install all needed approved updates"  this means the updates need to be manually approved by myself before they downloaded/deployed to the groups in my scheduled tasks. This is the desired behaviour as I'd like to view the updates and select them for approval before being deployed so I have a clear overview on all released patches.


      This is all fine, however I have a problem that when I choose to "Approve" any needed update it prompts me to select a computer group and I have to choose a computer group before I can proceed with the approval. I don't want to choose a computer group as these have been set in the above scheduled tasks.


      Am I missing something, is there a way around this?



      Here's the details  for Wednesdays Test Group scheduled task:

      Purpose: Configuration Management - Update Management with rules
      Schedule: Weekly at 10:00 every Wednesday and starts on 21/10/2015 and reoccurs with no end date.
      Export Options: The results will not be exported.
      Email Options:  The results will be emailed to ().

      Reboot Options: Do not pre-reboot computer
      Pre-Grace Period Enabled: No
      Maximum wait time on pre-reboot (in minutes): 5
      Message: On behalf of user , a reboot request was made for the installation of updates/software.
      Force downloads: No
      Force installs: No
      Use Microsoft Update Catalog: No
      Include Only Approved: Yes
      Approved Only Option: Any approved update
      Dont include superseded: No
      Install exclusive update only if found: No
      Planning Mode: No
      Reboot Options: Do not post-reboot computer
      Post-Grace Period Enabled: No
      Do not include exclusive updates: No
      Wake On Lan: Disabled

      Rule: Classification equals 'Critical Updates'

      Rule: Classification equals 'Security Updates'