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    Reporting and scheduling issue.


      Hello all,


      I'm using "SolarWinds Orion Core 2010.2.1 SP1, APM 4.0.1, NPM 10.1.1, NTA 3.7, IVIM 1.0.0" product.


      I have created the report using Report writer. I have scheduling the report using Report schedule (The report should be sent to my mail).. Now the issue comes, When ever the scheduler runs i'm getting output to my mail but the output is.. its trying to login into the Solarwinds but its failed.

      I have given my AD username to login. I may enter it wrong once but I have tried 100 times. I'm able to login into my server\Solarwinds using the same ID.


      I have attached the screenshots.. Kindly help.

      uk\wip_sin10a12 is my ID