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    IVIM polling through vCenter for remote ESX hosts


      We're revising our current polling method for monitoring ESX hosts from direct polling (Poll ESX directly using SNMP and SSH) to polling through vCenter.

      Many of our ESX hosts reside on the WAN (remote offices) or in data centers or branch offices other than where their managing vCenter server resides.


      For instance; We have an ESX host that lives in Dublin Ireland and is currently managed by a SolarWinds instance there, but it's vCenter server lives in Lewisville, TX and is monitored by a SolarWinds instance in Lewisville.

      Will I have to move the monitoring of the ESX box into Lewisville or (worse yet) move the monitoring for the vCenter server into the Dublin monitored inventory?


      As we start scaling up the "poll-through-vCenter" method to hundreds of ESX servers, I'm concerned that we'll over-utilize our Lewisville monitoring system by moving all the non-Lewisville ESX into its database and polling engines.


      Managing remote ESX with vCenter is fairly common in large environments, but how can IVIM scale up to deal with this when one has a large number of remote ESX that are presently in other Orion instances than their vCenter server?