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    Missing Alerts in Alert Central


      This morning I discovered that a critical service on one of our servers died overnight. 


      I had a Solarwinds SAM alert configured, so I went into history - yes it died at 9:12pm

      Looked in my email box - yes - Advanced Alerting sent an email out at that time saying it died

      Looked into AlertCentral's email box - no messages there

      Looked in Alert Central's web console - no message there for this service on this server, though other SW alerts for other servers

      Nothing in the "Closed" "triggered" or "All" tabs for that server - like it never existed

      We found the email log on Exchange 2010  - said it delivered it to AlertCentral at 9:12 - just after delivering the same to my email


      So the question is:  Have any of you experienced missing email alerts between SW Advanced Alerting and Alert Central?


      We are using the Email Interface of Alert Central because we can't customize the information presented in the direct method (can't include variables in the body - big shortcoming)