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    NPM Dependencies Alerts question




      I just did a clean install of NPM 11.5.2. I created several dependencies but alert suppression is not working for all the alerts. If the parent goes down I don’t receive any alerts saying that the dependent nodes are down, but I still receive all the alerts about high packet loss. Is there a way to suppress all the alerts on the dependent nodes and not just the node status alerts?

      Thanks for your help.

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          So, the reason that dependencies work in SolarWinds has to do with the way the SQL definition of a 'Down' alert works.


          Basically, when you search for a 'Down' event to alert on, you're really looking for an object (node/interface/application/group/etc) where Status = 2


          Dependencies add an addtional layer (of sorts) to the mix by correlating "Parent" object status with the "Child". Meaning that if the "Parent" Status = 2 (down), then, no matter what, the "Child" Status will = 12 (unreachable).


          The key here is to realize that this child status does not really have much to do with any other alerts, such as high packet loss.


          The way to work around this would be to update your High Packet Loss alert to only evaluate against nodes whose status is equal to Up or Warning (Ignoring Down, Unreachable, Unknown, and Unmanaged).



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