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    Email v Websubmit


      We have our WHD set up that clients have the option to either email there request or submit through Websubmit.  We would like to produce a report as to what the number of tickets are being submitted through which method.  Any help would be greatly appreciated?

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          If you find an answer to this question, I would like to know as well. 

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            This sounds like a dev request that I would also be happy to see- it would be very useful to be able to get a breakdown of how many calls were created by email, client web portal & tech portal (i.e over the phone)

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              We used custom fields to select the channel in which the request was received.  However, this has to manually be set by the tech who works the request, but it gives us the ability to report against it.

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                You could also have the system auto assign the request type and keep that the same.  Granted, it would through off your other request type numbers.

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                  In our set up all tickets generated via email are given the request type: E-mail Reports


                  These tickets are then checked over via helpdesk staff and recategorised & assigned


                  That request type is not used anywhere else, and is generally not visible to non-helpdesk staff.


                  So when perfroming and advanced ticket search, using the History / contains / E-Mail Report critera, the only tickets displayed should be the ones generated via email entry....

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                    We use a specific request type (Submitted by email) to track these tickets.  We will then change the request type and we have a custom field of "Submitted By email" for reporting.