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    Log file name issue


      Using FTP Voyager Scheduler for backup configuration files copying, I'm having issues with the Log File Path Name. Wanting to send them to local disk, using C:\SFTP_Root\FTPLogs as the desired directory, but also including the date and node name. The KB Article #1606 and the Log File Path Tags on the Task Properties pop up shows using %D %M %Y. But I get an error message "The specified directory is invalid" when trying to use the variables. I've tried C:\SFTP_Root\FTPLogs\%D-%M-%Y-internal-01, C:\SFTP_Root\FTPLogs\%D%M%Yinternal01, C:\SFTP_Root\FTPLogs\%D %M %Y internal01, but none work. I've searched the THAWK site and a good ol' Google search, but can't find anything showing the exact syntax to use. ANyone know what I'm missing?