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    Custom Interface Details View Creation Bug in 11.5.2?  Newly created Interface Details views incorrectly show a non-referenced and non-expected node in the title header and subheader.


      Perhaps I'm doing this incorrectly.  Perhaps I've found a bug.  Maybe there's a Hotfix to apply to fix it?


      But each time I create a new View and select Interface Details, the resulting page always shows the name and Interface information for one of my network switches, which happens to be Node ID #2.


      Check out my process:  Am I missing something?


      1.  Open NPM > Settings > Views > Manage Views

      2.  Click Add

      3.  Name it, use the drop-down for Type of View to select Interface Details

      4. Click Submit and the new View's configuration option page is displayed.



      At this point I can add Resources, or even leave them all blank.  But when I click Preview, or Done and select the view to see it, I get a view showing a Node.



      I can click Customize Page on the View, but it just goes back to the screen where I can add or remove resources--nothing about the header and sub header can be adjusted.



      If I view the Page Info I see the Node name in the top, and an address with a net object referenced:



      When I view the page source I can find that net object referenced several times there:


      A different Net Object is referenced here:


      Wish I were  JAVA scripting expert.


      Why's this happening?


      Have you seen this same issue?


      How might I prevent/fix it?


      Rick S.