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    WHD Action Rule to send Email on certain Priorities


      New to WHD (But not Solarwinds) and just got our instance finally running happy about 2 weeks ago. One thing I wanted to do was send a separate email when Urgent tickets were created. It's actually an email to a cell phone number, ie XXXXXXXXXX@vtext.com, so we can set the helpdesk's email as having a special SMS ringtone so we're waken up when Urgent tickets are created (I've used this in the past with other ITSM systems with great success).


      Long story short - I know the emailing works fine when sending from my own email account to the exact same address I have configured in my Action Rule, but my Action Rule just doesn't do a thing. This seems like it should be extremely simple yet just won't work.


      The setup of my action rule is below. I've tried playing with the options on the Action Rule Info page to no avail. Any idea why this seemingly simple task is failing?


      - Pete