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    VMan Web Console will not load - Cannot get the required cache files


      Hi All,


      I'm currently trialling Virtualisation Manager 6.3 on one of my air-gapped networks. When I try and access the web console on http://ipaddress, I just get a grey page with the Solarwinds logo and a full loading bar. The issue is described in a KB here: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Virtualization Manager does not load , and has been discussed before on here: Re: Unable to access the VMAN console .


      The resolution is to apparently visit the online demo on an internet connected computer, and copy the flash cache files to the affected offline computer. However, when I visit the online demo I get absolutely no files in my cache. I've double checked my flash settings, and they are definitely set to cache files as described in the KB. I've also tried with multiple browsers to no avail.


      Does anyone know of any other way to get these cache files? Or know of an alternative solution?


      Thanks in advance!