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    Report - Virtual Server Mapping


      I have a customer who has NPM, SAM, SRM, etc installed but no VMAN.  I was looking at a report recently trying to figure out how to represent the datastores that I so laboriously mapped to LUNs in SRM in a way so that they could see them.  I though the Virtual Server Mapping report was going to be a nice report for them but when I ran the out-of-the-box report is failed. "That's odd," I thought "this report should work as it is an SRM report, not a VMAN report." 


      I fired up my trust SWQL Studio and dropped the query into the engine and ran it.  Failed again with this error "SolarWinds.Data.Query.EntityNotFoundException: Source entity [Orion.VIM.Luns] not found in catalog".  Huh?  So I dug through the SWQL tables -- there is no Orions.VIM.LUNS.  In fact, of the 7 tables referenced in this SRM report only 5 actually exist in the schema in SWQL.  Here's the really odd part -- the tables exist in the DB but aren't populated with any data.  One would think that if the two Orion.VIM tables (LUNs and Datastores) existed in the DB schema that they would be updated via IVIM.


      Any thoughts?









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