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    how to use mobile admin contact phone.



      i want to know how to use notification feed to phone below.

      can you tell to me the solution?


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          I believe this is the phone number you want to get the alert on.  For me it's the phone number of the phone I have Mobile Admin installed on.

          Even though you have Mobile Admin on your phone, I think the alerts for e-mail and for these feeds come from the server itself, so it needs a phone number.

          Put in your number and see what happens.

          Still figuring mine out, but I think that's your answer.

          I've been using the number of the iPhone I have it on and it brings up alerts as a notification on the phone, and then you can go to the App to see what the problem is.

          I have noticed, however, that there seems to be a bit of a lag.  I'll get the alert before it shows up in mobile admin.