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    SolarWinds SNMP Polling Never Stops for Switches


      It appears the SolarWinds SNMP polling of a network switch never stops.  The traffic is constant. I tried changing the "Poll for topology data" interval to 7 days and increased the "Node status polling" and "Collect Statistics Every" intervals also but nothing seems to help?

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          Craig Norborg

          Maybe some more details?   What kind of switch?   What are you set up to poll in terms of interfaces and such on "list resources"?


          The topology data is a very minimal part of what Solarwinds polls for.   I think by default that interval is quite long.  What you would want to adjust would be the "Default Node Statistics Inverval" and "Default Interface Statistics Poll Interval".   Its possible that you might need to do Volume's also, but I don't think with switches thats a big issue...   You could have set up custom polling intervals for that node also.

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            If you can collect the flow of this switch is good to know what
            It is passed in the band, which application is so band.

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                13:35:02.770234 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(105)  ."D1" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:02.771073 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:02.776181 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(105)  ."D2" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:02.777080 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:02.782440 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(104)  ."D3" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:02.783178 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:02.788395 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(102)  ."D5" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:02.789156 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:02.794391 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(107)  ."D10" [|snmp]

                13:35:02.795183 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:02.801109 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(106)  ."D11" [|snmp]

                13:35:02.801949 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:02.807090 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(104)  ."D17" [|snmp]

                13:35:02.808156 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:02.813946 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(106)  ."D18" [|snmp]

                13:35:02.814893 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:02.820527 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(106)  ."D19" [|snmp]

                13:35:03.630876 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.637001 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(105)  ."A1" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:03.637764 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.642932 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(104)  ."A2" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:03.643848 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.649158 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(104)  ."A3" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:03.650113 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.655642 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(105)  ."B2" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:03.656461 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.660709 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(102)  ."B6" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:03.661533 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.665726 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(102)  ."B7" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:03.666383 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.671069 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(102)  ."B8" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:03.672138 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.676502 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(102)  ."B9" .1.3[|snmp]

                13:35:03.677209 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.681603 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(106)  ."B10" [|snmp]

                13:35:03.690752 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetRequest(94)  . .[|snmp]

                13:35:03.695073 IP >  C=XXXXXXX GetResponse(106)  ."B11" [|snmp]


                The SNMP traffic is mostly polling the interfaces.

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                    Craig Norborg

                    How many active interfaces are there?


                    After you changed the default polling intervals, did you hit the "Re-Apply Polling Intervals" button?   If you only hit submit, it would only change it for new interfaces managed I believe.  The way you can check this is by bringing up Node Details on that node and then clicking on one of the Interfaces on that box so you're in Interface Details.  There should be a box that is "Interface Polling Details" and in there it will tell you what your intervals are.


                    I don't believe it necessarily polls all interfaces for a given box at once, so if you have 100 interfaces being monitored on a box, and you have your polling interval set to 6 minutes for interfaces, you should potentially get on interface polled once every 3.6 seconds >on average<.    Then you also have to think about the fact that when polling an interface it probably wants multiple values, lets say "in bytes", "out bytes", "in packets", "out packets", "in errors", "out errors"?  I'm just guessing there, but that would be 6 separate values it polls for?   So lets take the 3.6 seconds and divide by 6 and that would be one poll every .6 seconds on average...  In other words, there is a lot of polling going on!!


                    The polling traffic could be rather bursty too, it might poll 50 interfaces at the same time, then spread out the rest over the next 6 minutes.   Not to mention there are other polls going on, like rediscoveries, maybe volumes, etc. etc...