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    Moving from location based techs to tier levels


      When I first started with WHD I set it up as a location base tech groups.  Our school has basically three main locations and is assigned a tech to each.  I am finding that a change needs to be made to more of a tiered level tech structure. With this structure (tier levels 1,2,3) I am looking for a way to find out how many tickets were closed by each group and what level the tickets were. for instance, how many level 1 tickets did each tier level (1,2,3) close and so one.  Right now I have no way of finding out if a level 1 tech is progressing within the group. If I see they are able to do more level 2 issues it would help with evaluations. I know this is a hard question to answer but I am looking for others that have their WHD setup this way and how they handle level techs.  I am not looking forward to changing the entire ticket routing process but in the end my hope is it will help the team over all. Thanks for any advise you an give.