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    How to Hide Custom Pollers from Universal Device Poller Status resource...or create a similar view


      I was given a list of OID's to pull from devices.  Each one of the OID's was returned in a format that needed to be transformed (e.g. the value returned is 123, and the transformed value needed to be 12.3 because the raw value is in a convenient 1/10ths of a standard unit).

      I created a Transform for each OID, and selected to "hide" the raw data being polled from the Web Console views via Web Display -> Hide in the Custom Poller Creater UI.


      This works great for all the charts that are displayed, but the customer really likes the data in both charts and a summary table.  I added the "Universal Device Poller Status" resource to the node view and  all of the "hidden" poller data items show up.  Which looks like this:




      Any ideas on how to get a summary table like this that will *not* show the "hidden" pollers (which are all the awkwardly named ones I thought no one would be seeing: linkLossRawVal, receiveRateKBps, receivePowerx10, ...... wirelessLinkAvailabilityx1000, )?

      Bonus points if there's a way to get the units next to the data value