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    Case #873195 - "Netapp storage monitoring / Interfaces / CPU / Volumes"


      My Netapp Storage isn't been informations about CPU, interfaces and others things. I verify the problem is related with the firmware more actually and the OIDs area different. I sent the MIB to support and i had the answer below. I haven't return about the custom MIB and my customers are dissatisfied with the situation.



      Hello Romulo


      Basically we have full support for such devices under SRM Storage Resource  Monitor Module (SRM Profiler ) See attachment to monitor the Resources .


      Under Orion NPM i dont see we are polling by default .  Therefor I have forwarded this feature request to our development team.

      The team will consider the request, and decide whether it will be implemented.


      With regards to feature requests, it may also be helpful to post up your request on our forums here: http://thwack.com/forums/57.aspx

      Create a post titled FEATURE REQUEST - Name of the Feature Request and detail your request there.

      You can also point to this case number for reference.


      Specific Forums


      Network Management

      Orion Network Performance Manager - http://thwack.solarwinds.com/forums/48/network-management/9/orion-network-performance-monitor/



      These forums are monitored by our Product Managers, and this will allow other customer to also voice their opinions as to whether this feature would be useful to them also.


      Please be aware that:

      * Developers will decide on whether or not to go ahead with implementation of the feature

      * Developers will decide on the timeline of the release (if they decided to implement the feature)

      * Support does not update you on whether the feature has been implemented, and you will have to check the Release Notes: http://www.solarwinds.com/support/Orion/docs/ReleaseNotes/releaseNotes.htm