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      Hello All,


      I am pretty new to Solarwinds, I am currently using NPM 11.5.1.  I am sure I am missing something simple here but we have a network view.  Which shows multiple devices group in a tree from city/building/closet then the devices in the closet.  I noticed when adding some F5's to a particular closet they were not showing up in the node tree.  I went back to manage views, and selected the current view we are using and edit.  I then proceeded to click the view limitation (which current is set with single group/network nodes).  Once I get there it is just a drop down list where I can change the groups.  I wasn't sure if there was something I was missing, I was hoping that I could add multiple limitations to the current view.  So I wasn't sure if maybe I was missing something or was it best to create a new entire view, and select a better limitation other than single group?


      Any advice would be helpful.