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    Dameware remote control is slow to connect.


      When Windows Firewall is enabled stealth mode is enabled by default and there is no supported method to turn this off.

      Is there any way to fix this problem on the client side without installing dameware on every single computer.


      So what happens is you connect to a computer with dameware the connection spends several very noticable seconds before it promts you to install the client. This is because it seems to assume the client is always installed. And this is why stealth mode causes a problem.

      Is there any way for the dameware client to do a check for the client service first and then connect or install the client?


      Is this problem solved in any of the recent versions of the software? I belive we are a few versions behind.

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          I guess it works like this: 1) check to see if the agent is installed, 2) install the agent and run the service 3) notify user and start remote Control. Since step one is slowed down by the firewall, you could just skip it? Within the MRC program, choose Install service followed by Connect. I would love to have a 'button' who combined these two operations.