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    Network Monitoring Software


      We are a small private school looking for a network monitoring solution.  We need something that will scan our network and find rogue devices and problem areas.  We do not have a network engineer on staff so it needs to be easy to use and monitor. We currently have Meraki throughout most of the school so we can monitor some aspects of the network just not all.  Any suggestions would be great appreciated.

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          What you need to monitor only hardware or software too?
          Can you please tell what kind of problem are having to better assist in the solution.
          The summary only use the NPM can help solve much.
          Please contact possso help you more accurately.


          contact me contato@cstibr.com   end speak more about your projet.

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              Mainly hardware, we replaced our main backbone over the summer and everything seemed fine until everyone came back from the summer.  Our network traffic crawled to a halt and it took us over a week to find the issue.  It seemed some of the switches needed firmware updates but the biggest thing was the traffic we had coming from a software used in one of our computer labs.  Once we isolated that lab within a switch things slowly came back to life.  Like I said we are not network engineers and spend most of our days working on client issues not high level networking.  We would like to have some kind of monitoring in place to notify us when things are not running as they should.