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    Getting Info on Folders


      I am trying to create reports and/or widgets with CPU Util, Memory Util and Disk Util for Folders in my environment. We only want data for the certain folders but when going into the widgets I don't see an option for this.


      Can someone explain to me an easy way to set this up?



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          if you want to filter VMs based on folders then I'd recommend that you use vm.folder.name and/or vm.folder.level-X attributes. Below is an example of Top-N widget:


          1. Search query:

          vm.powerstate:poweredon AND (vm.folder.name:"Folder 1" OR vm.folder.name:"Folder 2")

          2. add requested attributes in Columns tab, i.e.


          And here's the result:


          Apply the same process if you want to get data into XLS format (via Export Results option in Search Results module).


          Does it help? If not, or if you have any additional questions then let me know.