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    SRM for Orion - Cache Hit Ratio alerts?


      So I know we are collecting the Cache Hit Ratio's for our Hitachi arrays but I need to setup alerts based on certain thresholds for them. The value doesn't seem to be exposed as an available item in the available fields to alert on so I am guessing I need to make a custom SQL alert for this? Or is this in another category to alert against other then "Storage Array"? If I need to do a custom alert, anyone know where SRM places the Cache Hit info in the database?


      Cache Hit Ratio.bmp


      Any idea on this?



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          Lubomir Krausko

          Hi Jim,

          the cache hit ratio is not well prepared for the alerting as I can see. I'll point this out in a team.


          In the meanwhile you definitely can use "Custom SWQL Alert (Advanced)" and define your custom "where" condition as following:

          WHERE  StorageArrays.Statistics.ObservationTimeStamp = StorageArrays.LastSync AND StorageArrays.Statistics.CacheHitRatio < 10


          Translation for this condition is that: "I'd like to have an alert for storage arrays where their total cache hit ratio is less than 10%". Modify that condition as you wish and if you want to have specifically cache hit for read and write, use following in the condition:

          Cache hit Ratio Total: StorageArrays.Statistics.CacheHitRatio

          Cache hit Ratio Read: StorageArrays.Statistics.RatioRead

          Cache hit Ratio Write: StorageArrays.Statistics.RatioWrite


          You can use the cache hits for Storage Arrays, Pools, Luns, NAS Volumes, File Shares, but do not forget adapt it into the "where" clause.