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    Incorrect lastboot time appearing for Cisco 6509 switch.


      Something is not right. I have a Cisco switch and Solarwinds shows a lastboot time "7/15/2011 3:38", however from the device itself says “System restarted at 00:02:38 CST Fri Mar 5 2010”.  What are the correct steps to take to ensure any switch is being polled correctly and displaying the correct  lastboottime in Solarwinds? The community/ACL for some datacenter devices were corrected however, It is still displaying the wrong last reboot time. Should we rediscover the devices? I look forward to anyone's insight. thank you

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          Malik Haider

          sysUptime reports time since ‘last snmpd restart’,
          Orion will determine if a device has rebooted by monitoring the sysUpTime on a device.
          If the value resets back to 0 and the device is still responsive then Orion will assume that the device had just rebooted.
          Sysuptime which Orion see as “Last Boot" is got as follows: SNMP variable RFC1213-MIB:sysUpTime
          This variable is a 32 bit counter of the number of 100ths of a second since the device booted.




          How can i calculate?





          Please use the  OID value  SNMPWALK from the effected Node .

          <installed directory> C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion

          Run SNMPWalk.exe

          Enter ip address of the Node under "Agent Address or DNS name >Select Version " 2c / or 3 " Depending on the Node configured .Enter the " community String" configured for the device .

          add the Root OID as below

          Scan and save the SNMPWaLK and save the file on the desktop . 




          Open the file and see the value .


          . = TIMETICKS: 1161208739


          ** Calculation **

          1161208739 / 8640000 = 134.39 Days


          Date Duration Calculator: Days between two dates