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    Help with manager approval


      New to WHD and have a hard time figuring this out. I setup a purchase request ticket and want to apply an approval process.  I want the approval to go to the requestor's manager (all users are setup in departments and I can specify a manager for each department as an approver).  It seems WHD is more set to use approvers as by department receiving the ticket, not HR hierarchy of person making the request.  Can I do this?  Thanks!

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          I believe so.


          What  you'll need to do is:

          1. If you haven't already enabled it, go into Setup -> Locations (or it might be called Companies and Locations) -> Options and enable "Departments"
          2. If you haven't already done so you can create any needed Departments ... or you could modify your LDAP connection to AD to pull in that information with the client records if it is already populated over there.
          3. go into Setup -> Processes -> Approver Roles -> Department Approver Roles tab
          4. Define a Role here (like Department Manager)
          5. Go into Setup -> Processes -> Department Approvers and open one of the Departments. 
          6. Click "Add Role" for that department and choose Department Manager.  Now assign that to one of the Client users - they will be the approver for that role for this department.
          7. If you haven't already, define an Approval Process, and for the step that you wish to, select the option for "Department Approver" and choose the "Department Manager" Role for it.
          8. Assign the Approval Process to whichever Request Types need that Approval.
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              Thanks for the response, received the same from SolarWinds.  I've

              confirmed through SolarWinds, my intent doesn't work.  The department

              approval is designed to work by a request type going to a specific

              department approver, not the manager's approval.  Example, this works when

              a new hire request, submitted by anyone, goes to the HR manager for

              approval (a second step might send it to the CFO or CEO for approval).  I

              want a new purchase request to go to the submitter's manager for approval,

              not the CFO (for this to work, I would need to define multiple request

              types, one for each submitting department.


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