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    Unable to use regular expressions in Recipient field of alert in NPM 11.5.2



      In NPM 10.4.1 I have used regular expressions in "Recipients" field of my alerts.

      Now in alerts 11.5.2 I can't configure my old alerts and save it because it always says "Please specify a valid email address".

      Can somebody help me to find out is it possible to fix?


      And I have to admit that solarwinds still able to convert regular expressions in my old alerts from NMP 10.4.1 and sends e-mails properly until there's no need to edit it.




      I've tried to find old Advanced Alert Manager directly on my server.

      But seems like it was excluded from NMP 11.5.2

      While simple Alert Manager still can be found in Program Files it can't be used because I can't see any my old alerts though it shows connectivity with my SQL base at the same time.


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          You say regex but from your picture it looks like you are talking about the Orion variables, correct?  That was a problem in the earlier days of 11.5 but should be fixed now.  I use them all the time but I've never used them where they are mixed in with an email address like you have it.  For example, I typically have a custom property assigned to my nodes called ContactNodePrimary, so in the alert Recipient field I would just put ${Node.ContactNodePrimary}.  That works fine.  You however are mixing text and a variable into a single address by putting the ${Node.SiteCode} property into the address.  Technically this should be fine and I actually quite like the idea.  No having to worry about populating the ContactNodePrimary with the correct email address.  However, the validation they have applied to those recipient fields may not allow a variable mixed in with the text like that.  To be sure, I would first insure that you have Hotfix4 installed on your Orion server.  After that if you are still experiencing the problem then I would put a ticket into Solarwinds Support.  My guess is that the validation in the recipient fields allows you to use a variable on its own, but not mixed into the text like that, but only Solarwinds development can tell you for sure.




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            Hi tmako,


            I think you have hit same wall as I. My understading is that email validation has error in code.

            Here's fix for that, if you have courage to change it .


            Fixing email validation check on Reply address