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    SRM Auto-mapping Windows Storage?


      I have a client who is running SRM 6.2 with an IBM V7000 array added.  We can see the array and the LUNs on the array but I can't get the physical servers to auto-map their storage to the LUNs in AppStack.  I've converted a few of the servers to poll via WMI as required but I haven't seen the storage paths update.


      Am I missing something?  I thought (hoped!) it was going to be that easy ...

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          Lubomir Krausko

          Hi Joshua,

          you did it correctly, that is first step that needs to be done.

          • The second step: You might want to verify through "Settings" > "Manage Nodes" > select the particular one > click to "List Resources" whether "Network Storage Resources" is selected. If not, select it and Submit.
          • The third step: navigate to "Settings" > "Manage Nodes" select all nodes you'd need to and expand drop down "More Actions" and select "Rediscover"

          Once the rediscovery is finished you might see the mapping.


          Note: Currently, we are able to get the mapping automatically for MBR partitions since they provide us required information for the mapping. The GPT partitions work differently in terms of exposing the data what is not supported now in SRM v6.2 or below. So it might happen that if you have the second type of partitions, or anything went wrong there is only work-around to use manual E2E mapping.




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