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    Universal Pollers Directory Location


      I'm getting into more than a few Universal Device Pollers and would like to group them together in an intelligently named folder. Right now my choice is pretty much "Example".


      Can someone share the steps to create a new folder for this, or where they live on disk if I am able to just add them somewhere? (Searching the drive didn't yield results.)


      As an added plus, if you can also share how to remove one of the pre-existing folders if this is possible. I really have no need for Avocent to appear in our list whenever we are selecting and adding pollers.


      Thanks in advance.


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          The Universal Pollers are not on the Solarwinds server, they are retained within the database. Once all Pollers in a Folder have been moved to another group, I believe the folder should be removed automatically.

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            Thanks Sean. You are 100% correct on removal. When the last poller is removed from a group the group automatically disappears.


            Creating a new non-existing group is not intuitive. There is no Create or Add button, not right-click option to get it. To add the new group you have to add a new universal device poller (or modify an existing one) then erase and manually enter the new group name. I have the screenshot below.